Thursday, December 23, 2004


Word on the street is the Giants have reunited father and son Alou.

Not a bad acquistion, I guess, even if his road/home splits don't bode well for a future in PacBell.

But given the way the Giants shun draft picks I can't help wondering if Peter Magowan and Brian Sabean have given-up on baseball altogether and are secretly laying the foundation for the world's greatest lawnbowling club.

C- Methany (age 34)
1B - Snow (age 37)
2B - Durham (age 33)
SS - Vizquel (age 38)
3B - Alfonso (age 31)
LF - Bonds (age 40)
CF - Grissom (age 38)
RF - Alou (age 38)

I hope Stan Conte's still answering the phone. It's going to take a lot of flaxseed oil to keep the 2005 Giants productive.

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