Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Josh Phelps has been designated for assignment by the Indians.

He'd be a superb option for a club looking to add some cheap right-handed power. Given Allard Baird's increasing knack of picking up low cost/medium risk/high reward players (Bautista, Tankersley, Sisco), I wouldn't be surprised to see Phelps end up in Kansas City. At worst, he'd make a deadly platoon partner with Matt Stairs. (Even in the midst of his disappointing 2004 campaign, he still hit .309/.358/.618 against lefties.) At best, he could finish the season as their best hitter.

To all the other would-be contenders out there, I have one piece of advice: think long and hard about Phelps before blowing $11M/year on Richie Sexson's shoulder, and then use that money on Beltran, Beltre, or even J.D. Drew.

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