Friday, June 11, 2004


GIven the Major League Baseball draft was only a couple of days ago, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that the blogosphere is brimming with analysis.

Not surprisingly given the sabermetric slant of most bloggers, the A's have been the source of the focus.

I thought I'd point out a few good pieces that you may have missed.

Over at Barry Zito Forever, Joon has a fantastic overview of the A's top picks this year. It's actually two piece for now (although a third is promised): "2004 A's Draft recap" and "More draft stuff". (You may have to scroll down to find them.) Joon mentions Craig Burley's outstanding work analysing NCAA college baseball stats, and given the A's selections, I'd hazard that Beane and Mark Frost were using something very very similar. (Way to crack the code, Craig!) It's a shame that Ken isn't writing for them anymore (along with Derek Zumsteg, John Gizzi, and the joker at Waiting for Boof, one of the funniest guys writing about baseball), but the boys at Barry Zito Forever still do good stuff.

Speaking of Zumsteg, he's retracted a previous comment that the A's 2002 Moneyball draft was a "flop". Sorta. (Sorta retracted, not sorta flopped.) I've taken Zumsteg to task before for careless comments before, but Derek's usually good a explaining himself if you bug him long enough. As always, U.S.S. Mariner is required daily reading. This piece by David Cameron blasting Rob Neyer for his hoity-toity dismissal of scout-speak is another good reason why.

Finally, I doubt Aaron needs my plug, but he's got a really good piece on how the so-called Boys of Moneyball are faring two years later. I was needlessly harsh on Aaron before (at least I didn't call that piece a "steaming pile of horse crap"--although I think the word "crap" did come up), but this shows Aaron at his best, bringing the stats to life like few bloggers can. (I know The Hardball Times isn't a blog, but Aaron will always be a blogger in my heart.)

Finally again (lastly finally?), I'd like to give myself props before I sign off. Remember when I said Crazy Ozzie Guillen actually wasn't crazy for not wanting Borchard or Reed called up to replace the injured Maggs? I was pleased to see Chris Kahrl say much the same thing in his latest Transaction Analysis a couple of days later. To wit (for those who aren't BP premium subscribers):

Two questions arise: how long will Maggs be out, and did the Ozzeroo make the right call by deciding that this represented a nice opportunity to get Timo Perez or Ross Gload some at-bats. (That, or rotating Willie Harris out to center and letting Juan Uribe get more action at second base.)... So, surprising the prospect mavens, it isn't an easy choice. Under these circumstances, and perhaps abetted by the Twins' sloppy willingness to keep the division race interesting, I guess taking a bit of a look at Gload works.... For all of the expectations involving Ozzie's bluster, it's a pretty sensible choice.

As long as Morneau's in AAA and Cuddyer's on the bench, the White Sox have a chance.


There was a link to this piece about the study of the physics of baseball on the site formerly known as Baseball Primer, and I thought it was interesting enough (especially the first part) to merit further dissemination.

And you all know what to do with your soiled mattresses.

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