Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Derek Zumsteg on the Blue Jays:

For all of their work trying to turn the team around, they're playing .440 ball. They don't have any huge future superstar position players on the major league team (I know, Wells, but I mean a guy like early Beltran that's out playing and makes you nod and think "You can build a team around this guy", and Wells doesn't make me think that)....

Oh, really?

Here's how they compare since both became regulars:

23 .275/.305/.457 .263 EQA 80 EQR
24 .317/.359/.550 .302 EQA 118 EQR

22 .293/.337/.454 .265 EQA 88 EQR
23 .247/.309/.366 .230 EQA 36 EQR
24 .306/.362/.514 .297 EQA 105 EQR

Beltran might have a slight advantage with the glove and definitely on the basepaths, but so far it looks like it all comes out in the wash. (And not to mention the bizarre coincidence that Kaufman stadium started to play as an extreme hitters park around the same time as Beltran's IsoPwr and SLG started to go way up.)

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