Friday, May 14, 2004


Here's the latest Beltran rumour:

To the Royals: Freddy Garcia
To the Mariners: Johnny Damon and Byung-Hyun Kim
To the Red Sox: Carlos Beltran

Yowza. If Epstein can pull this off...

Like most of you, I don't think much of Bill Bavasi, so I don't find his end of the deal surprising. With their great depth of pitching, the Mariners need Kim (a pitcher I like despite his recent struggles) like... like they need another pitcher. (Sorry, that's the best I can do.) And while Damon would allow Winn to move back to LF, where does Ibanez play? Just because I don't think he's worth $12M doesn't mean I don't think he shouldn't be in the lineup. Like the boys of U.S.S. Mariner say, why not just deal Garcia straight to the Royals for Beltran?

But it's Baird's side that really surprises, because I'll fall off my chair in disgust if all he's willing/able to get for Beltran is a mediocre starter in his contract year. I think Baird's made considerable strides as a GM, but trading Beltran for Garcia would be the biggest hosing of his career. Joe Sheehan yesterday listed Beltran's four most likely mid-season suitors (A's, Dodgers, Padres, White Sox) who all share two things in common: a need for an upgrade at CF, and plenty of prospects to get the deal done. Why would you settle for Freddy Garcia when Moneyballers Mark Teahen (.363/.437/.621 in AA) and Joe Blanton (2.22 ERA over 44.2 IP in AAA) might be ripe for the taking?

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