Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Despite his second quality start in a row, Halladay still doesn't look like the pitcher he was last year.

Yes, his velocity is very good, and his breaking ball seems to be coming around. And those K's are impressive. But what concerns me more than anything else are all the flyballs. When Halladay's on his game, Orlando Hudson is the busiest man in the ballpark. But the Red Sox kept hitting the ball in the air against Roy. None of them left the ballpark, but it's still not an encouraging sign. Prior to tonight's game, Halladay's posted a 2.17 GB/FB ratio this year, down from the 2.70ish mark he's had since returning triumphant from Single-A back in '01. No doubt it's lower after tonight. I'd happily see him cut his current K/IP strikeout rate if it meant more grounders and going deeper into games. Someone's got to remind him that he's not Kerry Wood.

At least Tosca isn't doing his Dusty Baker impression, and Halladay doesn't come out for the 7th after throwing 106 pitches.

I know it's April, and I'm not really worried... I'm just saying.

While apparently content to be kicked around by the rest of the league, the real Pedro Martinez once again decides to show up against the Blue Jays.

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