Sunday, April 18, 2004


Forget slow starts by the Yankees, Phillies, and Giants.

If I'm Chrisitan Ruzich, I'm shitting bricks.

With Prior uncertain for the rest of the season, Dusty seems determined to turn Kerry Wood into a man, and the poor kid has machismo enough to fall for it.

This is no longer Dusty Baker's fault. Dusty's a stubborn guy. Sure, he's got some great people management skills, but he's risking the franchise's future. Blame the Bartman Ball if you want, but if Hendry doesn't step in soon, the Cubs will be cursing themselves for the next 5-10 years.

Think J.P. Ricciardi wouldn't step in if Tosca was riding Halladay for 131 pitches? Halladay's a $40M investment, and J.P.'s job is to look after that investment. Think Beane wouldn't throw a chair through a wall if Macha let Hudson even approach that many pitches?

Hendry's not doing his job.

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