Wednesday, April 07, 2004


I was wrong in my initial comment for Jurgen's last post: the Blue Jays are now the only team left playing on AstroTurf.

For a team that values groundball pitching (Roy Halladay) and hitters who walk and hit for power despite their lack of defensive prowess (Eric Hinske), you would think the Blue Jays would have signed up for the slightly slower, easier on the body, FieldTurf. FieldTurf is not a crazy expense reserved for elite sports franchises; high schools are now installing it. It's also not difficult to install; it can be moved in and out in about eight hours. To top it all off, FieldTurf is actually a Canadian company.

It makes no sense to me, or Dmitri Young, why the Blue Jays, with the sort of team they are building, haven't already installed the FieldTurf system. My only guess is that it might be yet another issue the Jays have with the Skydome facility which is currently owned and run by the Sportsco corporation. (The Jays are the only team in MLB that doesn't own the ballpark it plays in.) I know the Blue Jays, Paul Godfrey in particular, have made noise about buying the Skydome. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned, I don't want to have to wait until 2008, when Sportsco's lease expires, to get a decent hot dog.*

* The concession stands put in by Sportsco leave me pining for the days when McDonalds provided the game feed at the Skydome. Seriously.

UPDATE: Yup, it looks like it's a Sportsco vs. the Blue Jays issue.


Proving he's not taking the next Jason Kendall thing lightly, Joe Mauer already got himself a nasty knee sprain that forced him from the game.

Potential Cy Young threat Johann Santana also had to leave early due to forearm spasms. Given he had off-season surgery to remove bone chips in his elbow, this is not good news. And with Grant Balfour already on the DL with a sore elbow, the Twins' rotation is starting to look very, very vulnerable.

And over against the Blue Jays, Dmitri Young broke his leg slamming on the breaks on Skydome's crappy Astroturf, hampering the Tigers' dreams of finishing the season with at least 62 wins. Two down, sixty to go.

UPDATE: As I'm sure you've heard, Mauer's going to need surgery. Given his size was already an issue behind the plate, that certainly puts a crimp in his career. Maybe he and Sandy Alomar Jr. can form a support group.

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