Saturday, March 13, 2004


On Niles' suggestion, I took the physical attraction test over at Match.com.

After picking and clicking for fifteen minutes, the results were tabulated and my ideal woman was revealed:

Pretty cute. Which makes sense, considering she looks an awful lot like:

But the weird thing is that out of the dozens and dozens of faces in the Match database this is the exact same woman as Niles' ideal type. I did the test a couple more times, consciously trying to replicate the results to see how easy it would be to end up with the same results, but I couldn't force the survey to spit out the Connelly-look-a-like again as my type. I ended up with some pretty faces to be sure, but none of them had the same je ne sais quoi. Makes sense, because I was answering intellectually, and not instinctively like I did the first time.

So, is this a coincidence, or are Niles and I really chasing after the same women? And for those of you in the blogosphere who only know us through the internet, does this further cast doubt that we're even two seperate people? Something to think about next time Niles and I are "debating" about, say, the merits of the current Yankee infield situation. Because it's clear we're not two sides of the same coin. We're the same side of the same coin.

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