Wednesday, March 03, 2004


So, Turk Wendell says it's clear Bonds took steroids.

I admit it's suspicious, but I don't think the evidence is conclusive. Not yet.

But I've been thinking about this for a couple of days now, and it occured to me that maybe Bonds hits Wendell particularly hard. Makes sense. If Wendell routinely gives up the Bonds gopher ball, then you'd understand (if not condone) why he'd come forward and make these accusations.

Here's Bonds' line against Wendell, courtesy of ESPN:

9 AB
3 H
1 2B
0 3B
0 HR
2 BB
2 SO

Doesn't look like you have too much to complain about, Turk. 0 homers and 0 RBIs, and only 1 double? Honestly, I'd say you've gotten off kinda easy. Think most pitchers would be happy to keep Bonds to .333/.455/.444? That's about 100 points less in GPA than what Bonds currently averages in the course of a season. And considering all lefties hit .302/.366/.477 off Wendell last year, Barry Bonds is merely your average left-hander when your name is Turk Wendell.

Are you sure the whole league isn't using steroids, Turk?

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