Friday, February 27, 2004


Here's probably the stupidest thing I've heard out of a baseball player's mouth in sometime. (And that's sayin' something.) Now forget that steroids weren't first developed until the end of Ruth's career in the 30's in Germany, and weren't actually used by athletes until the '50s by Russian and Eastern European wrestlers, nothing makes a mockery of Kent's claim more than one look at this photo:

We can take away two things from this photo. One, Babe Ruth may have been under the heavy influence of beer and twinkies but he was clearly not on steroids. Two, Jeff Kent should count his lucky stars he can play baseball because otherwise I think he'd be dancing for quarters down at Remington's for Men. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

To compound his immense stupidity, Jeff also takes a shot at suggesting that Lou Gehrig may have been on steroids. It's lame enough to level charges at a person who isn't alive to defend himself, but for Kent to include Gehrig, whose lingering memory is of a man who courageously battled and ultimately succumbed to ALS, is downright tasteless.

Not to defend Jeff Kent, but my guess is that these comments don't stem from any sort of malicious intent as much as of a complete ignorance of baseball history. (If Jeff and Vince "Who's Jackie Robinson?" Coleman, were to square off in a game of "Baseball Jeopardy!" I think we'd be in for a long night.) If Jeff wanted to make a plausible, if still silly, argument he would have at least chosen two players who played during an era when steroids were actually used by athletes and he wouldn't have picked a player, the Bambino, who was as famous for his rotundness as he was for his play on the field.

As touching as it is to see Jeff sticking up for his old buddy Barry Bonds, I feel sorry for him, I really do, because the one thing you don't do in baseball is fuck with Babe Ruth.

The Bambino works in mysterious ways.


Now playing centre field for the Red Sox, Jim Caviezel.

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