Thursday, December 11, 2003


Great Gammons on another potential downside to Boston's A-Rod negotiations....

Boy, remember when the Boston media used to bash Duquette for running the club like a rotisserie league? Good to see things have changed.

And honestly, when did Manny Ramirez turn into such an albatross? He's possibly the best hitter the Red Sox have had since Teddy Ballgame--or at least since Yaz--even if he's just as much of a pain in the ass.

Here's how Ramirez has performed since putting on a Red Sox uniform in 2001:

age 29 .333 EqA
age 30 .362 EqA
age 31 .340 EqA

Now compare that with Williams, Yaz and Boggs over the same age:

age 29 .367 EqA
age 30 .365 EqA
age 31 .345 EqA

age 29 .296 EqA
age 30 .345 EqA
age 31 .284 EqA

age 29 .354 EqA
age 30 .352 EqA
age 31 .321 EqA

Yowza, Manny. I don't know about you, but if I'm the owner of a baseball club, anyone who can hit like that can fuck my sister whenever he wants--or whatever else turns his crank.

Henry knew what he was getting when he bought the club.

Watching the Bosox try to squeeze A-Rod into the clubhouse without exceeding $130M, I'm enjoying the fact that Bud's Yankee tax is hindering the other "big market" clubs except the Yankees.

Speaking of Yankeeland, the, ahem, lack of progress on the Sheffield front means the Guerrero rumours are heating up again. Remember where you read it first.

And for all those worried about the Schilling trade, Colon's deal with the Angels, and now Pettitte's imminent departure, relax. Your GM got the best pitcher (not to mention two sterling relievers to set up Rivera). And if Pettitte does sign with the Astros, Cashman might even get a couple of draft picks out of it in return.

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