Tuesday, December 09, 2003


No Vazquez.

And now no Guerrero.

What are the Expos worth now to any prospective buyers? About 48 cents? Before exchange?

This is despicable.

OK. So I'm impressed that Minaya got the better Johnson instead of the flashier Soriano. (Although if Minaya was serious about saving money, he should have packaged Vidro and Vazquez together for Johnson and Soriano.) But I was actually optimistic that Cashman's comments that Guerrero "is not really an option for us, with the money he's going to want" were code for the fact that the Commissioner's office and MLB had given secret orders to the rest of baseball not to bid aggressively on Guerrero so that he could return to Montreal. I mean, come on? Is there any player living or dead who's not an option for the Yankees? And the best he can come up with is, not because Vlad's media-shy or wants to be closer to his family, but because it'll cost too much? It still sounds like Cashman's lying to me... and remember despite all the hoopla Gary Sheffield still isn't a Yankee. Could this be Cashman's brilliant plan to scare Minaya into thinking Guerrero has no suitors in this market so he doesn't have to relinquish a draft pick? (If the Yankees do sign Guerrero, I'll gladly switch my pick from Beane to Cashman as the wiliest GM in the game.)

Yet no matter what happens now, the greatest position player to ever wear an Expos uniform (with apologies to Tim Raines, Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, and Larry Walker) is leaving, and the Expos get absolutely nothing in return?

Yeah, Minaya's a genius.

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