Wednesday, October 15, 2003


King Kaufman argues that that poor s.o.b. did reach over the fence and interfere with the play, but that the Cubs' collapse still wasn't his fault.

Though Alou had conniptions, the Cubs amazingly didn't argue. Manager Dusty Baker should have come out and raised a ruckus for no other reason than to give Kyle Farnsworth, who had just gotten up, time to warm up in the bullpen, because Prior was losing it.
That game was lost on the field.

For that guy's sake, I hope the Cubs win tonight.


Before the post-season began I suggested that Grady Little hand Tim Wakefield the ball whenever possible. So far Wakefield has stymied the Yankees and racked up two wins against them in this series and as a knuckleballer he'd have no problems starting on short rest. Boston's only other option is to go with John Burkett who was bad during the regular season and has been bad in the post-season and as a right-handed pitcher is pitching to the strength of the Yankees lineup. (Yeah, Wakefield is a righty too but left-handed hitters actually hit worse against him than right-handed hitters. See my previous entry linked above for more details.)

So who do you want to go with Grady?


Are you sure Grady? He hasn't pitched that well and your team is facing elimination.

Yup. Get me Burkett. I like the cut of his jib.

That's right Grady Little is going with John Burkett. (Is it just me or does Grady Little sound like a robot with a southern accent?)

I've dogged on Grady a couple of times already and I think he deserves it. Any manager who after Game Three of the ALCS says, "... I think we've upgraded from a battle to a war." when diplomacy and restraint is called for (see Joe Torre) deserves all the criticism that a blogger typing in his underwear at 12:24 AM can dish out.

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