Friday, October 03, 2003


Even though he lost I found it hypnotizing watching Radke who only throws two pitches, a fastball and a slower version of that fastball, pitch a heck of a game versus the Yankees.

He reminds me a lot of Pat Hentgen who also relied (er... relies?) on just two pitches; a fastball and the occasional curve. Neither one throws their fastball particularily hard for a MLB pitcher but they both get good movement and have excellent location.

The Yankees must have been grateful when LaHawkins entered the game with his flat (it was last night at least) fastball. I'm not sure LaHawkins is the best pitcher to follow Radke into a game.


Remember that Dogme 95 film?

Nah, I didn't see it either.

But here's reason #147 why if you're going to pay for content on just one website, Salon.com should be it: Re: Rush Limbaugh:

ESPN regrets the circumstances? The network created the circumstances.
King Kaufman's a damn fine sportswriter. (And their film critics aren't bad, either.)

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