Thursday, September 04, 2003


I've always liked Ben Jacobs' Universal Baseball Blog, Inc., and it was a pleasant surprise to read this post from Monday about the surprising frontrunner for the NL MVP. Ben's bit more thorough (comparing how both teams with their superstars were away), and primarily relies on Baseball Prospectus' EqA v. EqR instead of Win Shares (you could also make the point with RC and RC27--not surprising, I guess, since they form the basis for offensive Win Shares), but ultimately comes to the same conclusion.

Somebody send Ben a set of steak knives. (Good thing for him he didn't get third prize.)

Thanks again to Niles, for starting this up.

[For some reason, I can't make a link to my piece on Bonds v. Pujols on this website, so check it out here where I first posted it over with the good folks at Batter's Box.]


We are now listed on the Baseball Blogs website. So thanks to them. Also, a shout out goes to little Marco Della Motta all the way up in Montreal, Quebec for finally finishing his thesis after five years. We're all proud of you Marco. Sort of. And I'd also like to thank God and say that my new album drops September 27th. Thank You.

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