Wednesday, November 19, 2003


I was going to blog an entry about the day in trades when I realized that over at the U.S.S. Mariner they pretty much summed up exactly how I felt about it. There is a Cult of Kielty who feel that he will break-out and become a superstar, but as I've mentioned before, I don't see any evidence to support that. With pitching at a premium the Jays traded from a strength (OFs) and I think they got the better of the deal because of it.

The only other significant thing is that the Jay's signed Pat Hentgen to a one year deal today. Hentgen could be this year's Corey Lidle but it looked like he was finally getting his stuff back at the end of last season after recovering from Tommy John surgery. (He had the 3rd best ERA amongst AL starters during the last three months of the season with a 3.16 mark.) If so, he's going to be a tremendous help to the Jays. At the very least he's certainly a good veteran guy who can help mentor the younger pitching staff and eat some innings. Hentgen's return, along with the Lilly acquisition, pretty much ensures Kelvim Escobar is not returning to Toronto. Hopefully JP will use the 5 million or so he had set aside for Escobar on a bullpen arm or two. (Is Quantrill a possibility?) If he does, I think that will be more significant than the two arms he added today. All in all, a good job by JP so far in this off-season.

As for the Beane move, I think that Billy finally got the defensive CF he craved ever since Johnny Damon left. Throw Kielty in left, with Dye in right, and you finally are starting to have an OF defense that will complement your infield defense. Old-schoolers shouldn't hate on Billy, he loves the pitching and the defense more than anyone else. If I was a pitcher looking for a good season, with the A's defense and the spacious park they play in, this would be the team I would want to pitch for.

I don't think Towers will stick Giles in CF, he's always seemed partial to having a good defensive CF (be it Steve Finley or Mark Kotsay), so he'll probably go out and get Mike Cameron with the extra cash San Diego has. But I'm just guessin' folks.

How long do you guys figure before some GM raises a stink about the frequency of the JP and Beane deals?

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