Sunday, November 09, 2003


It's been a while; we've been busy working and not too much has been going on in MLB anyways.

So here are some random observations about the goings-on in baseball from the last week or so:

In no way do I think Roger Clemens is done. A lot has been made about the Wagner deal clearing out salary for Pettitte but I think it could be just as well Houston making room for Pettitte and/or Clemens. Last time I checked Clemens and Pettitte were pretty good buddies with Pettitte looking up to Clemens as a mentor of sorts. I think the fact that the US team failed to qualify for the Olympics will give Roger further incentive to come back.

What do you think of the new Padre's uniforms? I'm not so sure myself, they seem to have taken the safe route. I kind of liked the boldness of the old orange and brown Padre color scheme. They kind of looked like UPS men on acid.

Non-Jays fans may not have noticed this, but the "curious move of the week" award goes to J.P. Riccardi in his hiring of former Marlins pitching coach and notorious arm killer Brad Arnsberg. Maybe I missed something here but Arnsberg has a reputation for leaving his pitchers out there too long and the Jays seem to have a team philosophy, passed down from Mr. Beane, that is meant to protect pitchers from overextending themselves. The Jays are waiting on their young arms to help anchor their horrible (except for that Roy guy) major league starting rotation and the last thing they need is this Arnsberg guy ruining them all in AAA.

When the new O's manager Lee Mazzilli said he thought the O's can compete with any team in the league I thought he was crazy. Then I realized that the O's are going to be big shoppers in the FA market this year with Albert Belle's contract coming off the books. They probably will have a decent team. This ain't the AL Central folks.

Filed in the "It's not your fault but it's your fault" category this week is Pedro Martinez who finally sold Grady Little out. He's right for the wrong reasons. Pedro essentially made his own call to stay in the game, as we all saw, telling Grady Little to go get his shinebox. Pedro made his own call and chose to stay in the game as 99% of the pitchers in baseball would have. Grady's error came in letting Pedro make that decision.

A bunch of MLB awards are going to be handed out this week so get ready for that. Matsui shouldn't win rookie of the year but he probably will. The surest bet to win any of these awards is Roy Halladay who has won every pitching award this offseason but the Cy Young. Don't worry Roy, it's on the way. The AL MVP should be the most intriguing one. With no one guy seemingly getting the majority of consideration it's possible that somebody who garners a good number of 2nd place votes could come up the middle and win this thing.

That's it for now dudes (any dude-ets out there?). We'll have a lot to talk about this week with the aforementioned awards and all.

See ya very soon.

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