Monday, September 22, 2003


Rob Neyer has a look at the poor man's Greg Maddux. Neyer seems as perplexed by Jamie Moyer's longevity as I am by Greg Maddux's lack thereof.


Yesterday Greg Maddux became the first pitcher to ever win fifteen games in sixteen consecutive seasons.

It's easy to forget how good he is, I know I did. I recently had a look at his numbers and realized that from between 92-95 he had and ERA of 1.93. Despite his recent stamina issues he still has a career average of 237 innings per 162 games. He often isn't included in comparisons of Clemens, Martinez, and Johnson mostly because he doesn't strike people out the way those guys do. But he might be the best of all those guys, and dare I say it, maybe the best of all-time?

I do wonder why he doesn't seem to be aging well. If there was any great pitcher who's success I perceived to not be dependent on natural ability it's Maddux. I have always thought of Maddux as an extrememly intellegent pitcher whose success stemmed from his pitch selection, location, and ability to adjust and change speeds. A rich man's Jamie Moyer if you will. But it seems to be those guys (Clemens, Johnson, Schilling) with a lighting bolt for an arm have actually aged the best. Why?

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