Monday, September 01, 2003

THE MAN IN CF I just quickly wanted to say what a couple of weeks for Jim Edmunds. Anybody watching highlights will have seen Jim throwing darts to home plate to nail would be scorers and flat-out robbing guys of HRs and extra-base hits. Not to mention hitting .333 with 6 RBI's and 2 homers over the last week. Me re-chronicalling them individually here wouldn't do the plays justice. The Card's page has a highlight of Jim's amazing catch in Cincinatti. I can't help but think that with Jim Edmunds, Andruw Jones, Torri Hunter, Mike Cameron, Vernon Wells, Darren Erstad, and Carlos Beltran we are seeing some of the best defensive CF of any era in baseball.
THE AMAZING LARRY BOWA I don't watch the Phillies on a regular basis but before this season, and during much of the first half, I wondered to myself, "How has this guy kept his job?". Going into this year he had a career winning percentage of .465, had never taken a team to the post-season, and last-year lead the Phillies to a sub-500 record in a year they were expected to contend with the Braves for the NL East crown. That's not to mention the masterful job he did of alientating Scott Rolen, the best 3rd Baseman in baseball, and practically forcing the Phillies to trade him to St.Louis. (I like Placido Pallonco, but Rolen is a future HOFer.) And now this. When nice guy Jim Thome won't give you an endorsement I'd say you have problems. But I don't know maybe this is some sort of grand strategy on Bowa's part to "light a fire under his guys" or perhaps he just has nude pictures of Ed Wade with George Michael. Personally, I'd make Joe Kerrigan (the real reason the Phills are in WC contention right now) the manager sooner than later. Its no secret that Kerrigan would like to be the manager of a MLB ballclub (again) and I can't help but think he chose Philly in the off-season because he thinks Larry Bowa has a good shot of being fired. I'd fire him. If I could just get those photos back.

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